Anyone knows when is the typical Sales time for Zynaptiq Plugins especially for pitchmap?

Reason. I found an offer, but i don't know If the seller is trustworthy enough spending Money.
Or do you know good alternatives in the price range (max 150€)?

Btw what do you guys prefer? I bought Atlas2 Last year and don't know what XO would do better, so that the 75bucks (on Sale) would be a good invest. Some GUI Things are a little bit weird in Atlas2

Hi all, I saw some Plugins from Audiothing on Sale. And, after I know that Audiothing already integrated clap in their "Wires" - that ist also on Sale on their Homepage (See polarity's Thread), I thought "why Not write an E-mail?" - Long Story ahort - all of their Future App Updates tend to contain clap 👍🏻🥳

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