Oh Twitter you so crazy with your algorithms… I almost deleted it until I read doing so means admitting guilt. I am white (ie a cracker) and it was satire…

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We added a new sub-domain for all users that want to host their music on a decentralized platform. (funkwhale). Big thanks to @sequethin who is hosting the instance ❤

👉 music.bitwig.community/

I just found the “For You” tab/section under Search. That’ll probably open up my timeline here a bit 👀

Probably related to a lack of understanding or something, but logging on/off various servers just seems like a pita I don’t want to deal with 👀

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I just really don’t seem to like Mastodon. It’s almost *too* decentralized and so I find myself without much to look at most of that time🙃🤷🏻‍♀️

Part of me wants to bring my 💻 to use on my commute.

The smarter part of me doesn’t want to be robbed of my 💻 while riding public transit🙃

I guess iPhone DAWs are also a thing. I keep hoping that Apple M processors might get us more DAWs from desktop to iOS 👀

When you decide to try and use as a one stop shop to play keyboards in a band and Apple designed the thermals of your MacBook Pro like hot trash 👀

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