I made a video with no talk, just music and text. It accidentally looks like an advert... Oops!

I just played a gorgeous gig with 2 friends of mine with a mixture of jazz, Irish trad and old rock n roll. It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Utterly inspiring! 🤩

Slightly tongue-in-cheek video. I hope that people get my sense of humour by now, and that I don’t just seem like I’ve lost my mind!

How to Write INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC that will Change Your Life!

A bit different to my usual videos about , etc. Here’s some handy for you: Scales and Chords, Simply!

Did I mention this great new bass guitar plugin? Several beautifully sampled basses by Dan Dean.

In case you hadn’t spotted this free upgraded

u-he Triple Cheese MATURED!

In case you’re a on feeling sad that Dawesome Novum is only on Windows and Mac. Here it is on in Linux with It’s gorgeous by the way. Also, the developer is working on a Linux version so we should have that next year sometime. Novum - Granular Spectacular!

CLAP plugins might just be the future of synthesis. Will they kill vst? Probably!, u-he, Surge - CLAP!

Sometimes working with the limitations of a simple is fun. Here’s a few quick patches I made with 4OSC. They’re available to download from my if you want to tweak them further, or just use them as they are: discord.gg/DdvunKzZ4a

you folks already using plugins?

> and -he are excited to announce CLAP (“CLever Audio Plug-in API”), the new open standard for audio plug-ins and hosts. CLAP offers modern features, innate stability, and rapid support for plug-in and host developers. And since it's open source and liberally licensed, CLAP is a safe bet for the future.


How’s your DAW’s browser? I know that lots of you use and that browser is great. Here’s a quick look at the new one in 12. Very nice. There’s also a sneak peak of the beautiful new GUI of Studio Plugins (LSP). I’ll definitely be delving deeper into those very soon!

Maybe you haven’t spotted the 4 FREE retro synths from Socalabs that you can download from www.tracktion.com but here’s one of them in action. Granted, it’s in some kind of crazy action but you’ll get the idea! With the 80s nostalgia of Stranger Things and Top Gun, now’s the time for / and sounds of Commodore 64, Sega and Nintendo in your .


2 HUGE Reasons to buy Waveform 12 Pro (or just buy the synths, they work great in other DAWs too)!

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Have you tried f.’em and Waverazor? Two of my favourite for unique sounds. They’re part of the studio content bundle from . Video coming at 1600 DST featuring them at: youtube.com/c/LismoreMusic

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