Followers: please post a Bandcamp or Soundcloud link to your (Bitwig-made) music!

@defaultmediatransmitter great stuff!!! Acidwave: I love the euphoric pads in the middle, then how it transitions into some really dark drones. What did you use for the bass? Bombus: this is my favourite, very interesting chord progression and dusty breakbeats, plus the line about pollinating gooseberries made me laugh out loud!

@boysmithers Thanks for your feedback. The bass on Acidwave is the Roland TB-03. I recorded two tracks with it. One with saw and one with square wave. Then used the stock compressor in Bitwig. I'm not satisfied with the mix of Bombus, so I'll probably redo it at some point. The compression is messed up.

@defaultmediatransmitter OK, very cool! I think my 1st hardware synth is going to be some kind of 303, I'm looking at the TB-03 or Bass Bot TT-303... Using the ABL-3 VST for now.

@boysmithers I would suggest having a look at the Novation Bass Station 2. It is pricier than the TB-03, but it can do a lot more. And there's an acid mode on the filter, for the 303 sound.

@boysmithers I like to think I'm getting better at things, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc :)

@boysmithers #ambient made in #bitwig from my duo, Tonkyn Pearson. My collaborator does stuff with mostly old hardware - synths onto tape and such

I have two solo albums sitting with their respective labels. My other solo stuff I could link you to is from before I switched from Audiomulch to Bitwig.

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