I made a simple grid patch using some of the new stuff in Studio 4.3:

Delay+ and Convolution are wonderful devices.

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@defaultmediatransmitter Nice video explanation. It's an excellent update. I haven't had a chance to work with them in depth but the convolution and delay+ seem really impressive from my first tests.

@defaultmediatransmitter Making music becomes more and more an exercise in trying to limit your options.

@Lemmy I've been GAS'ing for a while, so I'm now trying to limit myself to one synth at a time. This way I get to really learn how to use each synth.

With the grid I impose limits such as not using any modules from the oscillator section. I've gotten some weird microtonal sounds out of that.

@defaultmediatransmitter Good idea. I find that having more equipment set up makes me less productive in some ways. But then I am interested in music technology as a thing in itself, separately from producing music, so that complicates things.

@Lemmy I can relate to that. The main reason I make music is that I like to play with music tech. It's cool if some people actually like the music I make, but I would make it even if I never released anything.

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