@sequethin @boysmithers I think the special offer ended earlier today. I got an email yesterday saying "So for the next 24 hours, get a discount on Wires from the Bitwig webshop". You're probably seeing their regular price now.

I have a new track featured on Benn Jordan's live stream tonight. It starts in less than an hour. youtube.com/watch?v=AweJWnsiEt

@Koldunya I had a look at the timeline at d-fens.systems, which is the followbot that followed me and you. There's all kinds of stuff there, including nazis. So I blocked it the followbot.

@Koldunya I'm not entirely sure, but I think it works like this: You add a followbot to the server, and have it follow different users. Anyone that's followed by the followbot will have all their posts appear on the servers federated timeline.

@pzmyers Perhaps that's what IQ tests are for? Accurately predicting ones ability to comprehend the results of an IQ test. I can't think of any other practical use cases.

@jet @boysmithers It's weird how pleasing to the ears FM can be, when done right. That's one of the nice things with Buchla.

@boysmithers @polarity There should probably be further restrictions. At least no sampler, and maybe a hard mode with no self resonating filters.

@boysmithers Check out Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Alessandro Cortini uses alot of Buchla, too.

I'm looking at different ways of making sound in the grid without using oscillators. Here's a patch which creates waveforms using the array module.

@boysmithers Cool. I've used bird samples as instruments in a track before. We get these large flocks of feeding seagulls here, and I have used some recordings of them. I should also try to get a good recording of the common snipe. They have amazing sounds.

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