If you're pro-life and can't relate to people who are upset right now, I suggest that now is the time to listen rather than talk. You very likely won't agree with every voice, but there are real and difficult concerns being expressed right now that need to be heard and addressed by society. It's certainly not the right moment to try to engage people to debate about it or to gloat.

And if you're a white guy in America like me, I can't possibly express enough how it's not the right time to tell women how to think or feel about any of this right now. Please, I'm begging you - sit this one out.

@vwbusguy yep , stop talking and just be there for them.


@nixfreak @vwbusguy

Yeah, I mean this is fundamentally the problem in the first place, isn't it? Some old dudes telling women what to do. So who TF am I to say anything beyond being supportive.

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