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Still working on getting all six touch pads working correctly, and I'm going to slow the waves down a bit.

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@Skeewiff Thanks, that's very kind of you and allowed my currently a little limited funds to buy one more album, from a band not on #fediverse (yet), but very dear to my heart:

Formidable Vegetable make songs about #Permaculture, #Sustainability, #SelfCare, #PeopleCare and #regenerative living - and manage to be damn funky while doing so.

Here's their latest EP / mini album:


#BandCampFriday #FollowFriday

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Additionally, I try to keep up with the "followed you" notifications and follow people back who I can judge that there's an overlap as well (hint: fill in your bio people ;) and some kind of avatar but the default one also helps).

My feed is now starting to become quite busy and I can't complain about a lack of interesting content :)

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Many opportunities across the United States on Saturday, May 14th, to advocate for reproductive rights:

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@polarity here's some kinda thing.
It's my first real generative grid so it leans heavily on your tutorials.

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A keyboard app with >100 million installs that has almost full access to the phone and contains tracking code by 20 companies including Google, FB, Amazon, several smaller data brokers, and myTarget, part of mailru/VK and close to the Russian state.

What could possibly go wrong?

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It's here! And it's just as magnificent and adorable as I dreamed! 😍

A two port SATA controller in an mPCIe form factor! 🤓 #xp

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Seems like a lot of people like my DAW gaming idea. Small run down:

1. switch DAW to gaming mode (locks devices & fx)
2. start with only 3 devices (rest is locked)
3. complete easy tasks
4. level up by completing tasks
5. new levels unlocks new devices

profit: fun learning of DAW basics, leaderboards with submissions from users (presets/projects), better user retention.


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You live in Brussels or close by? Come over on Saturday and visit the @EDPS booth at the occasion of #EuropeDay #EUOpenDay!

#mastotest #demo

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Tried my hand at some #pixelart last night. Super fun, soothing, and made easy with a bit of #opensource! In this case, Pixelorama.

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Einhverjir Íslendingar hér á Mastodon?

Any Icelanders here on Mastodon?

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#introduction Hallo world, I’m here to share and learn. Father, Computer scientist, Dane, European, political, cultural, non-religious and …

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Dear Recruiter, 

You represent a real estate management firm? The kind buying up property in my city and making it impossible for me and my contemporaries to ever own a home?

Imagine how little I want to work for ghouls like you.

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