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night time "mamut" session in . the m-32 leads always get me in the mood :polifeels:

In the background you can still hear the remains of my youtube tutorial draft about slow machine & halftime from today.

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In the studio to record our new ambient album with the first time. Out September in base.

Tried to use my markov patch from earlier today for some random chords and improv'd some monologue lines over it. bass is from crave.

longer video:

So this is my approach for markov chains in the @bitwig grid.

In this patch you can decide based on probabilities what step to choose next. An the result is the new input step. A nice markov feedback loop for creating melodies or sequences.

> So, with an internet connection faster than I could have thought possible in the late 1990s, what’s the score now? A story at the Hill took over nine seconds to load; at Politico, seventeen seconds; at CNN, over thirty seconds. This is the bullshit web.

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another attempt to synthesize an acoustic guitar with only devices. if you use mpe you can even simulate wrong in-between pitches, which makes it imo even more realistic 😂

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using impulse responses from real instruments (here taylor 814 acoustic guitar) can help to make the sound feel more real (static resonances from the guitar body n stuff)

Doing some from start to finish in @Bitwig without using VST plugins or hardware. Project is up on my patreon.

new sunday 🎧 @bitwig drum & bass draft. @BabyAudio smooth operator to get rid of some mids, @xlnaudio xo for drums, @NewfangledAudio elevate for the master. and i bought @pianoteq stage yesterday. probably replaces my piano sample libs soon! love it.

PaulXStretch is available as a 👏 and it´s free. Works great and @Bitwig
, lets you record and stretch everything on the fly. added @audiothing
"wires"👏 as texture on top. also available as 👏@pianoteq
as a single sound source (but still as vst).

yo @audiothing and @Hainbach101 updated "WIRES" to 1.5 and it supports 👏 now!
In @Bitwig i had to modulate everything of course. Looks like I'm picking up radioactive signals. 🎧

Modal Syntheshizer in : easy & simple. The lazy peops can download the preset on my patreon of course. 🤙

Almost law: Whenever you download a subtractive mono synth, you have to start a track. And monolith by is actually free. The intro lead is a preset by the great

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