Im watching the entries of the last . Lot´s of wiggers joined to build small self generating patches within 10x10 squares.

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@polarity I've heard modular patches described as R2D2 having a seizure, but I think I like "angry server rack" better.

So many cool patches. I don't even remember which I voted for (it wasn't mine).

@defaultmediatransmitter 🤣 the vote didn't matter anyway. i actually wanted to take it out completely. but the app wouldn't let me. the next battle will be better.

@polarity Soo um..I'm not sure if your aware the word "wiggers" is slang for something in the United States already. You actually might be using it correctly but perhaps its best to use a different word >_<

@Jayhosh @polarity yeah, that's been a problem for the non-US crowd for a long time. We remind people from time to time.

@polarity I enjoyed the variety. I need to spend more time in the grid. That’s my favourite kind of music making, so much freedom. I made some fun interactive electroacoustic stuff in Max/MSP years ago and I’d love to gain some mastery of the grid for that sort of creativity. This self generating stuff is great too. This video has got me thinking modularly again.

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