The next is in full swing. This time the focus is on modulators and operators. Submit your bwclip files and youtube videos to the following page. As a bonus, a bitwig t-shirt will be drawn among the participants.

If you want to contribute to the challenge after the deadline, you can use the hashtag -challenge-modulators in your youtube description to pop up on the website.

rules, dates & submission form here

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@polarity Nice! I'm trying this and it's a fun challenge.

Do layers / selectors count towards your total of 10 fx?

@polarity ugh so the next thing is my Win10 laptop is glitching horribly trying to record my patch for YouTube. do we have to supply a video? and/or any recommendations for recording?

I didn't think this should choke so hard, but it is... :| I'm just focused on making music, not recording videos, so I'm not sure what to improve on.

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