Chill - jam from yesterday. Its Poly-D only with some and a simple DFAM beat.

Wanted to keep it simple. Recorded into and some smart:comp 2 and smart:limit on the master.


Bitwig Generative-2022-08-02 Grid. You can download the preset for free in the description or on my Github repo.

yo fam, new on bandcamp.

No songs and no drones. Something in between. Music for the background and for that certain feeling. Somewhere between sci fi and an infinite cycle.

go here:

Cool Quantify -

this is basically just 8 bar loop with LOADS of randomizations and grid patches that generate new percussions and glitches. too lazy for the arrangement.

16min drone :lel: I do this almost every evening to relax. Just some pads, pianos, randomness, fx. and lots of rain.

watch the full 16min on youtube 👉

downloaded the 4.3 delay+ factory presets. used only my own presets. (after all, i made them for myself)😂 some arps with @moogmusicinc
and @ArturiaOfficial
and some pianos keys with @pianoteq

also: phasing out my eurorack stuff. back to the basics, back to creativity.

yo @audiothing and @Hainbach101 updated "WIRES" to 1.5 and it supports 👏 now!
In @Bitwig i had to modulate everything of course. Looks like I'm picking up radioactive signals. 🎧

The Signal - Generative by "zenmusic"

"This Bitwig Grid generative ambient patch is based on things I've learned from Polarity's recent videos." 😍 :bitwig:

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