finally: arrangment. Watch me make out of the loop we did in the last 2 videos, a song arrangement. You can download the current state of the project on my patreon or as yt subscriber on the yt community tab.

sunday loop - glitch shuffle hip hop funk synthwave
nice to have all the tools with in place. note fx on every channel + global shuffle, ultrafat on drums, crossover for mixing and dseq3 against harshness... a bit too loud, but who cares 😂

one HIVE plays several lines from different notes. (arp, pads, bass) I can't wait until the official 👏 versions are released. It's incredibly fun to tweak everything in one window. Would be nice to have internal arp & fx also per voice. cpu is chill

alledreisusammen! new versions of
plugins arrived 👏and
is modulating all the things

Reviewing this track in , showing what I did and how the scratch sound came to be:

Chill - jam from yesterday. Its Poly-D only with some and a simple DFAM beat.

Wanted to keep it simple. Recorded into and some smart:comp 2 and smart:limit on the master.


If you liked the last video where we created an 8bar loop in , watch this on how to make a quick mix and arrangement. It´s all about consistency, lazyness and quick results.

new "loop from the start" practice video, with dawless download for patreons & yt subs.

One of my songs can be listened to on in an endlessly changing version. You can even control or automate individual channels. Everything in the browser! 👉

Yo had some fun editing today in bitwig. Features also some
presets of mine like “Transient-Clicker”, “scratch master 9000” and “Ultrafat”. Also some @zynaptiq
pitchmap and the great and free @illformed

Polibass 1.0 launched
your source for BASS presets in Studio. Available for all polarity squad members and continuously updated in the future.

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