my fav masto client TheDesk stopped working on my arch system and I needed to add `--in-process-gpu` -- without it, I was getting an error message that literally said "GPU process isn't usable, goodbye." Anyway I'm back, not sure if you knew I was gone or not

reaper is next on my list but cubase kinda has me in its grasp at the moment. I love Bitwig, don't get me wrong. This is just a voyage into the other DAWs to get a better understanding of Bitwig in context. Right now it feels way more polished than zrythm or even waveform, but cubase feels incredibly more mature. I tried Logic and Live before switching to Bitwig, and I still prefer it over both. None of this really matters, of course lol

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been touring the DAW scene again, just to have better understanding for what people are talking about when they say "but my DAW something something workflow" ... Latest updates:

- zrythm ... still entirely unusable for me on mac, barely usable on linux

- Tracktion Waveform - seems like it could be cool but it's not super intuitive

- Cubase - ... damn I think I like cubase a lot. It's ... actually very nice. I was not expecting to like it at all, but I definitely do

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V2 of is now live and it has FM! This means new possibilities for sounds and shapes. It also brings improved UI, and for supporters: scw export & more segments. Enjoy!

#synthesizer #synth #glitch #indiedev #creativecoding

Managed to get Falcon working on Linux via wine and yabridge, which is pretty cool. It's not perfect but it does work. It gets a little "unresponsive" once in a while and drag and drop from the Bitwig browser doesn't work, but it does run and that's more than I expected.

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This week's #DisquietJunto project:

Gabber and ambient music seem like polar opposites. Gabber is typified by a constant distorted kick drum pummelling you at upwards of 200bpm. Ambient, on the other hand, can be deeply immersive or barely noticeable. This project asks the question: is “gabber ambient” possible?

Step 1: Consider what makes gabber gabber and what makes ambient ambient. Where is there crossover?

Step 2: Make a track that could be construed as “gabba ambient.”

Step 3: You’re probably going to want to delete it. Try not to. Save and upload.

(Thanks to Sevenism for having proposed this project.)


Deadline: This project’s deadline is the end of the day Monday, August 28, 2022, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are. It was posted on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

was sad they only had 1 thing available on vinyl but the other albums said "Coming Soon" and not "Sold Out" so I think that's a good sign!

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Recently became a fan of Thank You Scientist and went a little extra on their merch site I guess lol

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hey trans people in the uk on the charing cross wait-list

you have less than 30 hours before you're kicked out if you don't fill out this form: it should have been emailed to you.

there is never enough reposting this. boost, fav, spread to other platforms, this is extremely time sensitive.

"She bad, heh?"
--James Brown, referring to Lyn Collins

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Do people still read stuff? Like blogs and things like that? Or is all content basically TikTok length videos these days?

good news: it's possible to dedupe a funkwhale instance.

bad news: I had no patience for doing things in a repeatable way so I just hacked some lines of code together and they worked but I will likely have to re-do the same process if I need to de-dupe again. Next time I'll actually try to write something into the app itself instead of just hacking some PHP/PDO stuff together to brute force my fix :)

currently listening to Flexout rollers tunes that sound similar enough to the chairs in that video where the guys are pushing the chairs really slow and then dancing that I can't really keep a straight face lol

not only is it making duplicate albums, it's apparently making duplicate artists as well. I guess the only logical thing to do is spend a bunch of time writing code to fix this

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Why Funkwhale? Whyyyyyyyy?! I promise the tags are not different 😱

zsh nerdery 

NextCloud was complaining about file names with leading spaces (Which I didn't realize existed) so I used a zsh for loop:

for fil in ./**/\ *.wav
do mv $fil ${fil:s/\/\ //}

It removes the first occurrence of a space that immediately follows a forward slash, so "/Users/me/sample folder/ wat lol weird.wav" becomes "/Users/me/sample folder/wat lol weird.wav"

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