odd that Mastodon doesn't seem to be able to do embeds even for youtube. unless I'm missing some option.

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so here's my entry for I mostly just shuffled around old patch that I haven't finished, because somehow I couldn't come up with something new and interesting beside what I was already doing before.

@sequethin for better demonstration, this is applied to any native bitwig instrument preset, unless Gain expression is hijacked for something else.

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So I've got back to that polyphonic tremolo effect idea and seem to have succeeded this time. although can't think of graceful way to keep it on release of the note. @sequethin so Note Grid can be used for things like that after all 🙂
beware sudden chord jumpscare at the beginning 😅

Now that I look at official android app again, it sure is designed to feel at home for twitter users 😄

here's a server logo suggestion:

:polifeels: 😌 😁 🙃 🤔 :polifeels:
🤨 😜 🥴 🤯 😀 😤
😅 😮 🎛️ 🎛️ 😆 🧐

@polarity btw, why are Bitwig logo pictures on server so blurry?

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