TFW you've been in The Grid for 3 hours and your mind is melted into a mush of red, yellow, purple and orange blobs...

Bitwig email suggests Wires is on special offer for 59€... but it is only 35€ direct! :think:

Phew, glad 4.3 came in just before my subscription expired!

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My 9th solo album as Jet Jaguar is up for pre-order, thanks to Dutch #ambient label Shimmering Moods. The label boss puts CDs (yes, CDs) together by hand, and I reckon they're looking really flash.

Music makers if you want to talk #musicproduction I'm very happy to answer any questions. Only two preview tracks to listen to so far. This is my first album working in #bitwig (although I have been using Bitwig for maybe 2 1/2 years).


Album cover, an homage to the Sony compilation CDs from the 2000s (specifically the Cheap Trick one)

Brilliant crack with my knobs tonight! Changing various parameters of a generative Grid patch to do cool things like vary the LFO melody, change the decay of the lead instrument and make the bass go "VWORP". BUT the coolest thing was assigning one of the pads on my controller to a button (linked to a modulator out) to change the character of a chorus+ to give a beautiful breath of light. I feel like I am making progress!

Very few keys, but many knobs! The plan is to build large Grid patches and then "play" them by assigning all those knobs to various parameters...

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Hmm, it looks like you can assign 1 envelope to the keyboard and another envelope to the sequencer... this could be really cool, play some notes with your left hand and twiddle the knobs on a beat with your right...

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Been messing about with Aalto! A Buchla-inspired semi-modular synth.

A busy day beating the christ out of "Figaro", the neighbour's cat. He also got the christ beaten out of him by Figaro so I think they are even.

Generative new age vibe, love listening to this guy's music as I'm falling asleep.

Is anyone else on Book Wyrm? It is to Goodreads what Mastodon is to Twitter. Here's my profile

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