The last question in the user survey: "How much did you spend on music gear, tools, or plug-ins last year?"

I don't really want to think about such things.

I made this track for the August sim selections. I don't have a , so I approximated one in the grid and by using micro pitching. I'll try to find some time soon to make a video about the it. I'm not satisfied by the mix, so I'll probably fix it later.

This grid patch took far too much time to make, and I don't know if I'll ever use it. At least I learned something. What is it, you say? I made an envelope generator like the one found in the Alpha Juno

I put a new track up on SoundCloud today. It was part of Benn Jordan's Sim Selections stream yesterday. I used a weird time signature (11/16) on this one, and that was more inspiring than I had expected.

In this track I used Cherry Audio DCO-106, Phase-4, Werkstatt-01, and my

I took a couple of pictures of our yawning. Google photos decided to make two of them into a "panorama", with hilarious results.

I just published a new grid video. In this one I made an LFO "sing" by subdividing its waveform. Warning: this video may contain mathematics.

Had to take a trip to Tromsø today. We always try to take a walk in the botanic garden when we're there. This garden is full of arctic and alpine plants from all over the world.

I didn't link to my latest "grid without oscillators" video here, so here goes. This time, I'm misusing the phase scaler to get the phase input into the audible range. It's not easy to get it in tune, and the tuning will change if you change BPM. I do not recommend making music this way.

So I finally got around to update my website. Now it contains links to all my available music, and downloads for stuff (some grid patches and a clip at the moment). It's at

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