tonight we are #streaming this live edition of #Kamizdat Rentgen nightline with myself presenting a new release called 'Technoburlesque - Image Snatchers 3' with some disco-pop-trap cuts. before me amazing #Kezz.

Also watchout for the actual release later in the evening, mastered by amazing @openmastering with a fully FLOSS chain.

#ownCast @

:bandcamp: @


Here's what i submitted to the 2: I used the Polysynth. Now don't expect to click the link and be treated to some wonderful lush synth tones. I did this more as a technical learning challenge than a "make good music" challenge.

Im watching the entries of the last . Lot´s of wiggers joined to build small self generating patches within 10x10 squares.

I made a simple grid patch using some of the new stuff in Studio 4.3:

Delay+ and Convolution are wonderful devices.

it is #bandcampfriday. :blobcheer:
i'm a #chiptune musician in a fairly insecure financial situation currently working on getting social housing.

if you enjoy my #music, pick it up at !

Thank you for reading. Boosts appreciated!

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If you're up late tonight or live in a place where it's not late, make sure to watch Benn Jordan's sim selections stream. It's a good place to discover new artists. My track in this stream was recorded using only my Bass Station II, and edited in . It's not my best work, but I had fun while creating it.

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