Needs some month until we get snow melt and wet avalanges. "Snow Melt And Wet Avalanches", a video by The Smiling Buddhas from 2014. by Didi Bruckmayr

Time's Up Hafenkino - Wolfgang 'Fadi' Dorninger:
Von 24 auf 1! am Freitag 23.09.22 | 20.00
Spätsommerkino in der Werkstatt dieses mal - mit Feuertonne und sonnengewärmten Wänden.
#Linz #Kino

Coming soon: Loading LV2 plugins inside your CLAP-supported DAW 😂

Only in german! Two reviews by Rigobert Dittman of Bad Alchemy and Christoph Bekenser of Grundrauschen.

The Smiling Buddhas played last night an ambient music set at C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts in Dresden at the Circuit Control Sound-Art-Night.

Sound Campus 2022 is starting today in Linz at Hauptplatz 6 at Kunstuni Linz as part of Ars Electronica. #Linz #arselectronica

10 x giveaway for "Non-Places" by The Smiling Buddhas! - if you like the music send a feedback, thanks a lot.
get it here:

Tonight base [records] will upload "Non-Places" by The Smiling Buddhas on . Feel free to buy a CD or !

Glad that we have been part of the showcase and the printed documentary "Nach Unten - After Unten". Club Unten was a experiment at O K in Linz, Austria feat. The Smiling Buddhas Live at 2018-02-02

Linux gets native analog modeled plug-ins, Pultec emulations, with VST, VST3, and now – CLAP…
#CLAP #vstplugin #Linux #Bitwig

"Non-Places" release date is Aug. 29th. If anyone is interested in the promo package, please let me know. Will send you a downloadlink.

Interview with Bryan Baker from Discover Sounds. The Smiling Buddhas talking about their latest album "Far Off".

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